Psalm 7:10-17 | By Faith

Are you ready to see David’s faith reaction?  I am thoroughly enjoying learning more about how David’s woes and struggles cause him to turn even more into the Father’s arms.

My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.
God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.
If he turn not, he will whet his sword; he hath bent his bow, and made it ready.
He hath also prepared for him the instruments of death; he ordaineth his arrows against the persecutors.
Behold, he travaileth with iniquity, and hath conceived mischief, and brought forth falsehood.
He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made.
His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his violent dealing shall come down upon his own pate.
I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high.
-Psalm 7:10-17 (KJV)

Verse 10 is a key verse for studying uprightness.  God’s defence is given to those with an upright heart.  We are going to see more about uprightness in the Psalms and there are verses on it in proverbs also.  Uprightness goes along with obedience.  I would not say they are synonyms, I recommend studying both separately.  The upright person is most likely to obediently chose the high path in any situation.  If someone needs admonishment, they give it obediently with love.  When temptation arises, they run from it and into the Father’s arms.  David knows that when he fears the world is closing in, if he closes his eyes and seeks God, God will be there to deliver him.

Righteousness is also good to study along with uprightness and obedience.  God judges the righteous.  And just as God’s mercy is new each day, David knows that God’s anger toward the wicked is too.  Because they do not repent, God stays angry with them day after day.  David believes God prepares His sword and bow to bring down the wicked.  In His anger, God will bring an end to David’s wicked attackers.  David trusts in God’s judgement and divine justice when it comes to overcoming what travails him.  Remember, he feels like Cush is attacking him for no reason, so David feels it is best to let God seek vengeance here since he isn’t entirely sure what he did to insight his enemy.  David’s enemies labor in sin.  It isn’t just a lie here or there, or the occasional slip-of-the-tongue.  These people live to commit sinful acts.  Just as living uprightly, in righteousness and obedience, should be our lifestyle, the wicked have chosen to live a lifestyle around sin and mischief and lies.

I want to pause here for a moment to discuss righteousness, uprightness, and obedience.  I’m not going to do an in-depth study here, but I wanted to bring up something to hopefully set some people free.  There are times when God calls us to leave things behind, we may not have thought these things to be sinful, and perhaps God used that thing to teach you something.  Maybe he even let you have that thing so you could then obediently give it up.  Not that God caused you to sin, but this is a point that God can meet you where you are and use what you have to deliver you.  I have walked a long road removing little distractions from my life- things like video games, TV shows, certain foods.  Anything that was revealed to be a distraction from spending time with God.  When you get rid of such things, you make room for the Spirit to come in and fill you.  But you have to be careful, because the enemy will show up to tease you if you just plug those gaps and don’t let God come in to heal those holes.
I recently had to confront something from my past that the enemy was holding over me- something happened in my past that caused me to believe that marriage would mean I was a failure.  And instead of letting God heal that wound after believing that lie for so long, I decided not getting married was my will.  My will.  Yet Jesus said, “Nevertheless, not my will, but thine, be done.” (Luke 22:42)  And I realized my train of thinking was so wrong.  God knows that I am not wired like others who imagine their wedding day, or who they will marry, or entertain such romantic thoughts, and I am happy to be single, enjoying studying the word of God in my free time. But if it is His will (and it would have to be obvious, He knows that I am not searching for these things!) then I will be obedient.  The enemy used to butt in and say things like, “You’re not worth their time.  If you start this relationship, you’ll be a failure like everyone thinks you to be.”  And instead of replacing those lies with God’s truth, I let the enemy breed fear into my life.  In this I have turned to God.  And let me tell you something; it is harder to give up on believing these lies I was raised with than giving up TV or games.  But if I hadn’t been obedient to do those small things, how could I have been ready to be obedient when God decided it was time to confront this giant lie?

Verse 15 tells us that those who labor in sin snare themselves.  All the evil they seek to cause comes right back to them.  And they are not left unharmed in the harm they seek to cause others.  Especially when any enemy of ours is an enemy of God!  I cannot imagine waking each day to God’s wrath instead of His mercy- even a seemingly good day would be a bad one.  Maybe David couldn’t imagine it either, but he recognizes that it just gives him more reason to praise God.  For God’s righteousness.  David spends a lot of time reflecting on the holy character of God, so I wonder what his picture of God’s righteousness looked like.  I think it is something lost in the church today that makes church people so complacent.  When you don’t recognize just how wicked sin is, you aren’t moved to do anything about it.  It’s not just complacency, it’s a lack of conviction.  David moved because he was convicted.  He was moved to pray and to praise, to bring about correction and guide others.  But what we need to remember in our convictions is to ‘hate the sin, not the sinner’.

I hope to have time this week to make some calligraphy pieces.  I do plenty of traditional things, but it takes a little extra for the digital stuff.

Be obedient, go in faith. Accept each day as a good day and a blessing, for surely each day we awake is a gift from God.



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